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I'm Jen, one of the humans behind Sprouting Zen, a Vegan Food + Wellness blog with a ton of healthy, but finger-licking good, plant-based recipes, that are easy to make at home by regular people just like you and me.


We believe in a Whole Foods Plant Based approach to veganism, meaning we use whole ingredients and leave out most of the processed stuff including refined sugars and processed oils. Naturally, most of our recipes are Gluten Free.


Come for the food, stay for the vibesss.

We love to talk about wellness, yoga, meditation, crystals, gardening, travel, and lots more.


We're more than just a food blog.

We're a movement.

Let's Sprout some Zen together. <3


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Health + Wellness

Protein Packed Vegan Breakfast Berry Smoothie

A protein packed vegan breakfast berry smoothie packed with chia and hemp seeds. This is a great and filling breakfast for anyone on the go. Only three ingredients and a blender required. Plus, learn a thing or two about frozen fruits and why they’re a great addition to any vegan diet.

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How To Go Vegan – A beginner’s guide

A ‘How To Go Plant-based Vegan’ guide for beginners. We outline nine tips that will help you stay on course, and ease some of that beginner anxiety related to transitioning to veganism.

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Wheat Grass Powder Juice Recipe and Benefits

wheat grass juice recipe

A refreshing alkalizing wheatgrass juice recipe made using wheatgrass powder. Sweet with a hint of lime. We also discuss what is wheatgrass and the benefits of including wheatgrass in your diet.

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