Cassava Flour Tortillas (Gluten free, Vegan, Paleo)

homemade cassava flour tortillas

No-fuss gluten free tortillas made with mostly cassava flour (a bit of tapioca and coconut flour also included) perfectly homemade and delicious to use in tacos, quesadillas, empanadas and more.




  1.  Add all dry ingredients (cassava flour, coconut flour, tapioca flour and salt) to a mixing bowl and combine. 
  2. To the dry ingredients, add the olive oil and then add the hot water little by little stirring as you go until a dough forms. If consistency is too wet – add more cassava flour. If too dry, add a bit more water. If water isn’t hot enough it will also affect consistency so make sure water is hot enough.  
  3. Shape dough into a ball. Cut in half and then cut half into 4 (larger tortillas) or 5 (smaller tortillas) triangles. 
  4. Roll triangles into balls and use a tortilla press (like this one) to flatten tortillas or use two sheets of parchment paper and roll out balls of dough until flat. 
  5. Cook on low heat using a non stick pan (these non stick pans are my favorite). I usually cook the first side for one minute and the other side for 30 seconds. If you leave it on heat for too long tortillas will be harder and crunchier. I like them soft and pliable so I make sure not to over-cook them. 
  6. Tortillas can be used to make tacos, quesadillas, empanadas or just fold them up and eat ’em straight up. Enjoy!


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