Five Day Juicing Challenge

five day juicing challenge


Let's talk about that juicing challenge that I mentioned in yesterday's blog post, which if you haven't checked that post out, you totally should because it has 25 awesome and simple juice recipes that will make juicing easy in 2018.

A picture collage of different juice recipes Okay, so back to the subject at hand, the juicing challenge or scratch that let's call it a party, because challenges scare me and parties are fun.

So, basically, I just want to hold myself accountable to drink one juice a day for five days. I haven't been juicing as much as I'd like to, and so I'm setting this goal as a way to get me started! 

I have two other instagram friends who are joining along with me, and it would be super super cool if more of you got motivated and decided to juice next week with us too! YAY!

green vegetables laid out on a table

what this is vs what it isn't 

This is not a cleanse, a detox, or a fast. I'm still going to be eating my 3 (or 5 😛 ) meals as usual. I'll just be ADDING a juice to my daily routine, preferably in the morning, but it doesn't really matter. Just get the juice in! 

There are no rules ... Just choose five juices recipes, or drink the same juice all five days. It's up to you. You can pick five juices from my juice round up, or you can completely make up your own juice recipes. You can juice one time the entire week, or you can try to stick it out with us for five days. It's all good! 

so why am I doing this five day juicing challenge

Juicing makes me feel better. I know what I feel like when I juice, And I know what i feel like when I don't. I can tell there is a difference in energy, clarity of mind, and just overall glow in my well-being.

Plus, it's a easy way to load up on fruits and veggies especially in these cold winter months when our immunity can surely use a boost!

A mason jar top view of green juice

why five days?

Five days is better than none. And five days can turn into seven which can turn into 10. The whole point is to just get started. If I can juice for five days straight then perhaps the week after that I will juice for seven days. And then ten. The hardest part is starting, when you get over that, the rest comes easy. 🙂 

join me in the #mindfuljuicingparty 

I would love for you guys to get motivated and join along with me. If you do decide to join the party, and need juice recipe ideas remember that you can find 25 simple juice recipes from my blog post yesterday. I did the research for you. Some don't even require a juicer, so you can easily make them with your blender.

intentional planner worksheet

I also made this super cute intentional planner worksheet that you can print out and get yourself organized for the week and set some intentions for this juicing challenge. All you have to do is choose five recipes, assign one to each day of the week (Mon-Fri) and stick with the plan for five days. 

Also, if you do join along the juicing party don't forget to use the tag #mindfuljuicingparty if you decide to post any pics or stories of your juice recipes so that I can seeeee what you all are juicing.

a bunch of kale

why mindful?

I came up with the idea of using the hashtag #mindfuljuicingparty, because for starters I think calling it a challenge gives off this idea that this is something really difficult to do, and that's not the energy that I want to give off. 😛 Parties are funner anyways. 

And why mindful? Because I believe that everything we do, every decision we make, should have a conscious intention behind it. Being 'mindful' means to be present with the choices that we are actively making. This consciousness helps us stay focused, reminds us of our reasons behind our actions, and in the long run helps us better achieve our goals. 

A woman holding a mason jar with green juice

Next week's schedule and three part series

I will be releasing three juice recipes next week in a 3 part series called 'Juicing For Beginners'. Below is a tentative schedule:

Part 1 - What is Juicing and Why do we do it + Green Juice Recipe 

Part 2 - Differences between blending vs juicing, Different types of juicers + Beet Pineapple Juice 

Part 3 - 5 Top Tips That'll Make Juicing Easier + Carrot Orange Juice 

Very exciting stuff coming up and I hope you all can join me in on the fun. Remember you can always subscribe by entering your email address up at the top, and you will get just *one* weekly email with all of the posts that have been released for that week, so that you don't miss any new articles!! 

Okay friends, that's about it. Let me know below or on Instagram (@sproutingzeneats) if you're going to join the #mindfuljuicingparty and I can't wait to see all of the yummy juices next week!!! 🙂 

with love + gratitude, 

Jen ♥

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