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Who + What is sprouting zen

A food and wellness blog with tasty plant based recipes for everyone


Our Why

We started Sprouting Zen, one day in our dining room table after making homemade almond butter and realizing how easy (and utterly satisfying) it was to make your own food, at home, with minimal organic ingredients. In that moment, we knew we *had* to let others in on this secret – of living holistically and eating all the fresh foods that mother Earth provides.

What is Sprouting Zen about...

Sprouting Zen is a food and wellness blog, filled with wholesome recipes that are mostly refined oil free, refined sugar free, and most often gluten free as well. The recipes here are catered to those who are looking for healthier alternatives that are NOT filled with processed ingredients, oils and sugars.


our recipes 

We strive to keep our recipes simple – but you're going to find a variety of recipes on here – some will be more complicated than others and are best left for the weekends, others will be quick and easy, straight to the point recipes that are perfect for busy weeknights.

Most of the recipes on here are creations of our own that have been influenced by non-vegan dishes, cooking shows, cook books, products that we have seen in stores, cafe's that we have visited, other bloggers, and/or vegan chef courses that I have been a part of in the past few years. You'll see words such as 'influenced by' or 'adapted from' when the recipe is not an original of mine.

what about wellness

As far as wellness goes – we're big advocates on living a holistic lifestyle with self-care practices that include yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. As much as what you eat matters, so does what you feed your soul and your mind. And as such, you can expect to find articles related to these topics on this site, eventually.

We also love to discuss our favorite supplements and vegan products – every so often we'll have articles like this one, 'What is Maca and why we love it' or this one 'Wheatgrass powder juice recipe and benefits' that will help you learn a little more about these products and see if they will benefit you or not.

Every Friday, we try to host a Feature Friday where we spotlight a vegan product, or brand or organization that is making a difference in the holistic plant based vegan community. Some feature Friday's include articles like this one: 'What is the best store bought organic vegan ice cream brand?' and 'Why we love Trader Joe's frozen fruits',  Our goal is to bring you, our readers, valuable information that you can then use to make a more informed decision while you're out in the stores.


Please note I do not, in any way, consider myself a "professional" chef by any means. I'm just a regular girl doing something that I love - cooking delicious vegan food in my kitchen and sharing it with you all for fun. I do love learning, and expanding my education so I am always enrolling in courses related to the topics of plant based vegan recipe development and lifestyle. 

I am certified as a raw vegan chef by Pure Joy Culinary Academy where I have learned a few tips and tricks and recipes for raw vegan cooking. And I have also taken other online vegan chef courses such as 'The Raw Chef', where I have learned the basics of plant based vegan cooking and recipe development.

I have also completed E-Cornell's Plant Based Nutrition Course by Dr. Colin T Campbell but that in no way certifies or qualifies me to give out nutritional or dietary advice. However, what I can do is share a bunch of cool facts that I learned from that course with you all! 

no medical advice

Please remember anything on this blog is based on our personal experience only, and should not be taken as medical advice. The content that you read on this blog is for entertainment purposes only and has not been approved by the FDA. You should always consult with your primary care physician whenever making a drastic change in diet and/or lifestyle, such as going vegan. For a full description of our disclosures, disclaimers and policies click here.

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