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Wholesome food and holistic wellness blog for a better you.

Hello lovely people of the internet!

What is sprouting Zen

Welcome to sprouting zen, a real food and holistic wellness blog where i share good for you recipes that are sometimes easy and sometimes not because let's be real, cooking from scratch can be complicated at times but have no fear cause we are in this together.

All recipes are made (mostly) from scratch with real whole foods. Always refined sugar free (because white sugar is not your friend), mostly gluten free, and lots and lots of paleo and plant based options.

I also cover topics related to holistic wellness + low tox living, self care, personal development, natural parenting and adventure travel (because road trips and hiking in national parks are my jam)!

who am i?

I am a former cardiac registered nurse turned stay at home new mama to a beautiful baby boy and the wife of sprouting zen's official taste tester and food critic.

I am a certified yoga teacher and extremely passionate about health and wellness. As a nurse, I saw first hand what living with chronic disease looks like (spoiler alert: it sucks).. And i truly believe that our standard American diet (aka sad diet), toxic living environments and stressful, mostly sedentary, lifestyles are to blame.

I was totally plant-based for 4 years, but now i am not. To read more about my dietary changes you can read this post i wrote about the subject.

When I'm not cooking up a storm or taking pictures of food, i am probably outside with my family somewhere hiking a trail with, hopefully, no cellphone service.

Sprouting Zen's Mission

My goal with this blog is to inspire you to eat a little healthier, live a little cleaner, and be a little happier... So that you don't end up like the sick patients I use to care for.

Feed your mind. Feed your body. Feed your soul...

Good health and happiness is your birth right!

Happy to have you here. <3 

Let's be friends,

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no medical advice

Please remember anything and everything shared and written on this blog is based on personal experience only, and should not be taken as medical advice. The content that you read on this blog is for entertainment purposes only and has not been approved by the FDA.

You should always consult with your primary care physician whenever making a drastic change in diet and/or lifestyle.

For a full description of our disclosures, disclaimers, and policies click here.


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