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Wholesome food and holistic wellness blog for a better you.

Sprouted out of our love for love, Sprouting Zen is a creative learning space for

happiness, mindfulness and growth.

We strive to provide helpful knowledge, inspirational content, and a positive perspective on life to guide you towards a path of wholehearted living.

From healthy wholesome recipes to holistic wellness tips – we hope you find something of value here.

Feed your mind. Feed your body. Feed your soul.

We're so happy to be with you on this journey of becoming – let's sprout some zen together.


about the recipes...

Sprouting Zen is a healthy food and wellness blog, filled with wholesome recipes that are mostly refined oil-free, refined sugar-free, and mostly gluten-free as well - please note it says *mostly* meaning every so often you will come across a recipe that does feature these ingredients.

Each recipe is carefully labeled with the proper key terms to help you find exactly what you're looking for no matter what diet you follow. We're all-inclusive here.

The recipes here are catered to those who are looking for healthier alternatives, to traditional favorites, that are not filled with processed ingredients and preservatives. Most, if not all, recipes are created from scratch with lots of homemade love.

You can find all of our whole-food recipes here.

about health + wellness...

As much as what you eat matters, so does what you feed your soul and your mind. And as such, you'll find a ton of blog posts related to holistic health and wellness topics such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and more.

You can find all of our health + wellness posts here.

about the author... 

Jen is a former cardiac RN turned stay-at-home-mama bear to a beautiful baby boy. She is also a certified yoga teacher and holistic health + wellness enthusiast. She enjoys spending hours in the kitchen creating healthy, and yet delicious, recipes from scratch for her family. Her food mantra is "homemade is best", and she loves to share her creations with the online world so that others can benefit from the magic of eating clean whole foods made at home, too.

She also has a passion for all things health + wellness, given her background in healthcare.. and as a yoga teacher aims to inspire us all to live life a little less stressed, a little happier, and a little more mindful of the beauty of being alive.

When she's not cooking up a storm, or blogging, or taking pictures of food.. she's most definitely enjoying the great outdoors with her family... hiking a trail somewhere with, hopefully, no cellphone service.


no medical advice

Please remember anything and everything shared and written on this blog is based on personal experience only, and should not be taken as medical advice. The content that you read on this blog is for entertainment purposes only and has not been approved by the FDA.

You should always consult with your primary care physician whenever making a drastic change in diet and/or lifestyle.

For a full description of our disclosures, disclaimers, and policies click here.


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