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Woop Woop - Welcome to the first-ever sprouting zen monthly mindful mashup.

What is this, you ask? I'm not entirely sure yet.

However, since recently learning that perfectionism is not entirely a positive trait - and realizing that I do by definition suffer from 'perfectionism' - I'm sorta winging it today.. because if I try to make this too perfect I may end up not doing it at all, if ever.

So here goes something, and we shall see how it evolves with time.

I've had a strong nagging desire for a while now to write more about topics less related to food, and more related to health and wellness and mindfulness...

The idea for these monthly mindful mashups is to create a space where I can share a little bit more about myself, the growth of the blog, monthly mantras, positive thoughts, favorite books, products I'm obsessing over, and more of the like - basically a mashup of all my favorite mindful-living things.

It's a space for me to sit back, kick my legs up, sip on some coffee (or a glass of wine) and let you in on all my favorite things, not related to food. 😉

Yea, I most definitely like the sound of that.


So I am a little late on this month's mashup (hellooo August 6th) but the reason is that we just got back from hiking in the mountains of North Carolina - and that's where I came up with this monthly mashup idea!

I don't know if you guys are anything like me, but nature does this thing to me where it just skyrockets my creativity.

Perhaps it is related to the lack of mental chatter while I'm out there lost in the woods that lets me think clearer, or maybe it's just the cleaner-less-polluted-mountain-air that oxygenates my brain better haha.

Whatever the case may be,  I always return home super invigorated and FULL of creative ideas for sprouting zen!


So can you believe it's already August? Like, for real, where did 2019 even go? Because it feels like I blinked twice and poof we're basically in autumn, sheesh.

I'm not entirely mad about it though. Autumn is after all my favorite time of the year, and I am not-so-patiently waiting for all of the pumpkin-spiced things with open arms.

But in the meantime, we must enjoy the very last bit of summer that's left... and that means lots of sandy weekends at the beach and tonsss of frozen acai smoothies for breakfast. 🙂

starting a practice of setting intentions:

The start of a new month represents an entirely new opportunity for growth and change. One of the ways that I am choosing to grow this month is to begin a practice of setting intentions for each new month.

Setting intentions is the practice of choosing a few things you'd like to focus your attention on this month - and consciously committing to doing them.

Setting intentions is about slowing down...

It's about taking time to be quiet and go inward...

It's about not letting life happen to you, but instead YOU happening to life.

Notice how I didn't use the words achieve or accomplish or goals... and that's because setting intentions is not about making a long list of goals or to do's - it's about so much more.

Setting monthly intentions will help you stay present and focused on what matters to you, and it can change the way you view your life and attract to you what you want most in this world.

Just as a sailboat with no captain will float to where-ever the wind blows, the same is true for a life with no set intentions.

how to set monthly intentions:

If you're interested in setting intentions, then I invite you to do them with me! It's a very simple practice. At the beginning of each month or a few days before the last month ends - find some quiet time to sit down and self-reflect on yourself, your life, and your current place in this world.

Pick 3-5 things you'd like to work on (or continue to do) that will improve your well-being and bring you more joy. It can be words of encouragement, like, "I love myself unconditionally". Or it can be a mantra that you will repeat to yourself daily, like, "I am enough". Feel free to get creative and use words that speak to you.

Spend the rest of the days of the month reminding yourself of your list and being consciously committed to staying true to what you said you'd do. It helps if you write these down on paper, or on a mirror (like I usually do) and keep them somewhere that you will see it daily.

If you fall off the wagon and don't do something on the list, don't beat yourself up. This is called a practice for a reason - it will get better the more you do it, as long as you don't quit.

My august intentions:


august intentions


Feel free to share your intentions with me below in the comment section. Accountability is always welcomed around here. 🙂

this month's read:

I can't share a mashup of my favorite things without including books. I am a huge fan of reading, mostly personal development books related to spirituality and wellness.

This month I'm hooked on The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. If you haven't read this book yet - do yourself a huge favor and read it soon.

This book repeatedly kept popping up in my life, and I kept ignoring the signs to read it - perhaps I wasn't ready at that time. But I finally decided to order it last week on a whim and wow - the only thing I wish is I would have read this book sooner, like, back in high school. It would have saved me so much anguish, and tears, throughout the years!

The book is about how to get out of your head, how to realize that YOU are NOT your thoughts, and how to choose happiness above all else - because, at the end of the day, happiness is a choice we have to make.


The untethered soul book

This month's mantra:

This month of August for me is one of disconnecting with the noise of the outside world and re-connecting with my internal dialogue.

The words we use to speak to and about ourselves can have strong consequences and effects on our physical body and mental wellness.

Mantras are words of affirmations that help keep you centered.

This month I'm choosing the words - Happiness above all else.

I invite you to write this mantra down on your mirror, or a huge paper and hang it up on your fridge, or write it down on a post-it note and tape it on your laptop or computer.

Whenever you feel the weight and stress of life getting to you, remember these words - happiness above all else.

When someone cuts you off in traffic, or runs into you and spills your coffee all over your bright white shirt - remember happiness above all else. 

Whenever life hands you small insignificant problems (which it will) remember that it could be so much worse, and it probably is for someone out there that you don't know.

Choose happiness above all else.

No matter what happens this month, choose happiness.

Alright, friends, I'm going to bring this mashup up to a close because it's getting lengthy and I have to cook dinner.

Until next time friends.

with love + gratitude,

Jen ♥

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