The Best Store-Bought Organic Vegan Ice Cream Brand

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Welcome to the first ever - FRIDAY FEATURE series! Wooo.

So, what is a Friday feature? I'm not entirely sure yet, but the general idea is that every Friday we'll release an article that features and/or reviews something; it may be vegan products, store bought vegan food, interviews with other awesome bloggers, vegan restaurants, and so forth. It should be fun and I hope you come back every Friday to check in on what we are featuring on that day.

Friday Feature #01

A review of the best store bought organic vegan ice cream brand

The best store bought organic vegan ice cream is...

If you haven't yet heard of Luna and Larry's Organic Coconut Bliss Ice Cream - You're in for a real healthy treat. It took me a really long time to find a delicious vegan ice cream that was easily available somewhere in a frozen aisle near me. Homemade is always best, but sometimes, you just want something that's easy and .. store-bought! Especially when you're first transitioning into veganism - it's essential to have yummy sweet treats in the fridge when hunger, and temptation arise! 😉

- For a delicious and easy homemade vegan ice cream recipe click here -

vegan does not always equal healthy

A few years ago there were not many options, or at least none that were available in a natural foods store near me. Fortunately, as veganism has become much more popular by the minute, there are now lotssss of vegan ice cream options in a whole foods store near you.

However, just because a product is vegan, doesn't make it 'healthy'. There are plenty of options out there that have tonsss of added white sugars, added oils, and have one too many unpronounceable ingredients on the list. I usually stay away from those type of products so I was beyonddd excited when I found this ice cream brand.


Luna and Larry's Organic Coconut Bliss Ice Cream is made with organic and clean ingredients, and is ridiculously good. The flavor, the texture, the way it melts in your mouth. It really is one-of-the-best vegan ice creams I've had, ever. Even non-vegans will love it, trust me, we've got our friends and family hooked on them... which makes this a great transitional treat!

what about the flavors...

I will note - they have many flavors and different types of ice cream products available and while they're ALL dairy free, soy free, gluten free and certified organic - they're NOT all sugar free nor oil free. Some of their products do contain coconut oil and sugars such as coconut sugar and cane sugar. If those ingredients don't bug ya, then perfect, more options for you!

If you rather stay clear of refined sugars and added oils, you're still in luck. There are at leastttt* four delicious flavors that DO NOT have oil nor refined sugar, instead they are sweetened with agave, and those are - Naked Coconut, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Love, and Cafe Latte.

I've tried all four, and friends, I've never been happier. <3

(I say there's 'at least four flavors' because there might be more flavors that are oil/sugar free, but these are the only four that I have found and tried myself. If you know of more oil / sugar free flavors let me know below in the comments so that I can add it here, thanks!)

vegan organic ice cream brand


You can find an entire list of their products on their website, and they even list the ingredients for each flavor so that you can do your research before making a purchase!

a few things to keep in mind

Although this is probably the 'healthiest' ice cream I have found out in the market, it is still ice cream and most definitely not a low-fat food. Enjoy this in moderation, just as one would any sweet treat. Also, keep in mind that you are getting high quality organic ingredients, and the price of the product reflects that.

where to find the best store bought vegan ice cream

This brand is usually found at Whole Foods and most natural food stores tend to carry it, but this company is sooo awesome that you can use this map on their site, enter your zip code, and it'll literally tell you where you can buy their products near you!

hooray for sustainability

As much as the product is important, so is the company and brand behind the product, and I must say Luna and Larry's Coconut Bliss takes the vegan ice cream cake for their sustainability efforts, involvement in the community and transparency practices!

Just to name a few - they encourage their employees to ride bikes (or carpool) to work by offering incentives, and they also use natural gas in their office headquarters and are a part of a ton of environmental, community and youth programs. You can learn more about all of this on their latest sustainability report here.

I think it's so great to see brands putting out high quality foods and at the same time doing so much for their respective communities - so shout out to Coconut Bliss for doing what they do. This vegan gal thanks you. <3


Have any of you tried Coconut Bliss Organic Vegan Ice Cream? Which one is your favorite flavor? Tell me below in the comments... 

In the mood for Vegan Ice Cream?

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with love + gratitude,

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