15 Empowering Affirmations For January (And the New Year)

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And just like that 2020 is gone.

Well, that year felt like five. Anyone else can relate?

Now that 2020 is over it is time to move forward and onward with a growth mindset and a vibe of positivity. I strongly believe that we attract what we believe to be true, therefore, I'm attracting greatness and positivity into my life for 2021.

What are you attracting this year?

What are you choosing to focus on?

One of the power tools I keep in my arsenal to help keep me in a positive uplifted mental mood is using positive affirmations. Have you ever used positive affirmations? If you have not, I highly encourage you to give them a try in this new year.

I've written about positive affirmations on the blog before and you guys absolutely love hearing about them. I always get such positive feedback on those posts about how affirmations made your day better or helped you feel more positive. That makes my heart so happy because ultimately that is my goal with this blog - to empower you to live a healthier and happier life.

And part of that process is having a healthy mental attitude towards life. Positive affirmations can help you get in that headspace.


So without further a do, here are 15 powerful affirmations you can use in January, or throughout the entire year, to help you re-center and refocus on staying positive, uplifted, and confident. 


1. I am capable of achieving my fullest potential.

2. I am deserving of genuine, honest, long-lasting love.

3. I wake up every morning excited and inspired for the day ahead.

4. I can have anything I desire.

5. I deserve to be happy and healthy.

6. Things always work out in my favor.

7. The universe always has my back.

8. I have and enjoy an abundant and rich life.

9. There is enough for everyone.

10. I trust and believe in the power of my intuition.

11. I manifest my deepest desires.

12. Money flows to me easily and freely.

13. Everything is working out as it should.

14. I am the creator of my own reality.

15. I trust in divine timing. All is well. All is well.


There you have it babes. 15 super powerful affirmations that you can start using TODAY to feel better, happier, more positive and more confident as you move towards your dreams.


Remember, anything is possible if you believe it to be true for you.



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with love + gratitude,

Jen ♥


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