Can Daily Positive Affirmations Really Change Your Life?

Can using positive affirmations really change your life?

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The word 'affirmations' has definitely become a buzz word around the wellness community, and for good reason.

Although at first glance it might seem like a silly thing to do, affirming positive words to yourself can really have a positive impact on your mindset and overall well-being.

Now, you're probably rolling your eyes right now and thinking that I must just be another one of those bare-foot-hippie-kombucha-drinking-woo-woo-ladies (which btw wouldn't be far from the truth).. but the thing is that the benefits of positive affirmations have actually been proven by science!

And I love science.

I love finding evidence that supports the claims that I make.

I like building healthy habits in my personal life that have been proven by research.

And this, my friends, is one of them.


What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations are positive phrases or statements used to "affirm", or state strongly as a fact, something which you want to be true or something that you want to attract into your life.

For example, if you want to attract more money into your life, a relatable affirmation would be "money flows to me easily and freely". Or if you want to attract more happiness you could say "I find joy and happiness in every day moments".

Positive affirmations are meant to drown out that little negative voice we all have in our heads and encourage us to think positive and be confident in the pursuit of our dreams.


What are daily positive affirmations and do they work

Benefits of using positive affirmations in daily life:

A large amount of literature supports the idea that positive affirmations can decrease stress, increase well-being, improve academic performance, improve relationships, and even encourage behavioral change. That same paper goes on to say that the benefits of affirmations can last for months, and even years!

In this study, not only did the participants that were in the "self-affirmations" group display increased brain activity in certain parts of the brain (meaning that something neuronal is activated when using affirmations) witnessed by MRI technology, but they also exhibited decreased sedentary behaviors after being exposed to health-related affirmations showing that affirmations can have a positive impact on behavioral change.



The benefits of using positive self affirmations can last months, and sometimes even years...


How do daily positive affirmations work?

Individuals have an innate need to protect their integrity and self worth.

Nobody wants to feel embarrassed.

Nobody wants to fail.

When an event or situation arises that threatens that self-worth because of the risk of failure, whether it be setting a new goal or going for a job interview or following a passion.. that threat makes us feel stressed, defensive, afraid, and doubtful.


These negative emotions usually keep us stagnant, keep us from accomplishing things, and hold us back from making positive behavioral changes like changing a diet, or joining a gym.

However, when using positive affirmations, we can quiet down that negative self-talk in our head and see past what can go wrong and instead focus the positive things that can go right.

Positive affirmations have the ability to make you feel empowered, strong, and capable.



Do positive affirmations really work?

positive affirmations really work?

If you would have asked me this question five years ago I probably would have rolled my eyes and told you no. When I first started using positive affirmations I definitely felt a little weirded out. It was hard to wrap my mind around the fact that speaking or reading positive words and phrases would actually make a difference in my life. I felt silly. I felt uncomfortable. I felt embarrassed to do in front of my husband.

But I still did it. And the more I did it, the easier it got. And the better I felt. And the more I believed.

Fast forward to now if you ask me "do positive affirmations really work", without hesitation I will say yes, yes they do.


I have seen their positive impact in my life.


When I'm feeling worried, or sad, or afraid of failure, I know that I can reach over to my list of positive affirmations for a very much needed positive mental boost. I usually feel much better after reading them to myself a few times.

And no, I don't usually stand in front of a mirror and affirm them to myself, although I have in the past 🙂 and you should try it once in a while.. but the good news is you don't have to scream the affirmations out at the top of your lungs in order for them to work.

How to use positive affirmations:

You can read them quietly to yourself.

You can write them down in a journal.

You can write them on your mirror (this one is great because you'll see the positive words every morning)

You can tape sticky notes or cards with positive words printed on them all around your house and fridge.

Whatever method works best for you, is the best method for you.


how to use positive affirmations


can I make up my own daily positive affirmations?

Yes! Of course! I mean, there are plenty of daily positive affirmation examples online but you can most definitely make up your own.

I usually do. It just depends what I'm feeling. If I need some guidance, I use what's already out there in the universe. But if none of them resonate with my mood at the time then I just make up my own!

How to write your own positive affirmations?

Think about what it is that you want to affirm or attract or call into your life.

You want love? What kind of love? Honest, genuine, real love? Affirm that. - I deserve honest, genuine, real love in my life.

You want money to come to you easily? Affirm it. - Money flows to me easily and freely in abundance!


How to write your own affirmations


You want more self-confidence, more health, more happiness, more laughter, more joy? AFFIRM IT! Just literally write down what it is that you want to call into your life and write it down in a way as if it has already happened or will happen.


Stay away from words like 'I would like' or 'I wish'. No, no, no.

Choose words like, "I deserve", "I receive", "I am".

Speak as if what you want to affirm has no other choice BUT to become a reality.


So go grab a pen and paper or a notebook or notecards, or simply print out this list of examples of positive affirmations, and start using positive affirmations in your daily life, especially now in the new year, so that you can slay some goals and make things happen! Never a better time to start a new practice than in the new year!

I believe in you, and you should too! Cheers to an amazing new year!


PS. I just started a new Facebook group (women only - sorry guys) so that we can support, empower, and motivate each other as we create daily habits and routines for a healthier, happier, more mindful life. If this sounds like your kind-of-vibe, make sure you join our tribe by clicking here.

Girl, I'm sooo excited to get to know you more and cheer you on as you reach for the stars. 

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with love + gratitude,

Jen ♥


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