Taste These Easy Homemade Vegan Healthy Ice Cream Recipes Today

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We have been bombarded with unhealthy ice cream choices for years. They have been formulated to trick your taste buds with artificial sugar, trans fats, and unhealthy vegetable oils.

Thankfully today we have an increasing amount of healthy options so you can have your ice cream cake and eat it too. Loving the taste of ice cream is literally engrained in your DNA. The reason we love ice cream so much is that it resembles the ratio of fats to carbs similar to a mother's breastmilk. Mother nature is smart so it makes your brain love this combination so you can survive.

Unfortunately, almost all the options in grocery stores are bad for you. The good news is that we have these great homemade healthy ice cream recipes you can try today. They are easy and simple to make and are dairy-free and vegan. Best of all you can devour them without any guilt.


Here are my favorite ice cream recipes...


Vegan Hot Fudge Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae

This ice cream is so tasty and yet so healthy. It is very creamy and tastes amazing. After eating this ice cream you won't want to go back to unhealthy ice creams. Why eat ice cream that is bad for you when you can have this unbelievable easy to make ice cream. It is an awesome combination of hot fudge and vanilla. Words really can not describe just how good it is.

vegan hot fudge vanilla ice cream sundae

Mango Ice Cream Popsicles

Did someone say mango? You got my attention. These ice cream popsicles are refreshing and make you forget just how healthy they are. These are 100% artificial sugar-free. It has a creamy factor to it and yet it is easy and simple to make. Once again these are also dairy-free and fit in just about anyone's healthy diet. All you will need to make these are the ingredients, these stainless steel popsicle molds, and imagination.

caramelized mango ice cream pops vegan

Patriotic Red, White and Blue Popsicles

Check out these patriotic strawberry, apple, and lemon ice cream pops. They taste as good as the look. These popsicles are good for July 4th and any date in between that! These remind me of the ice cream pops that the ice cream trucks use to sell. One huge difference though, these are actually good for you and full of nutrition. This 3-color simple to make ice cream pop catches your eyes and excites your taste buds. If you have to introduce your kids to healthier ice cream options, give these a go. They will love the color, the texture, and most importantly the taste.

Vegan Papaya Ice Cream

This ice cream recipe is probably one that you have never tasted before. Not many people think about ice cream when they mention the word papaya. This is a creative way to introduce the healthy fruit of papaya to you and your family. It's an easy-to-make 4 ingredient ice cream. If you have ever eaten a papaya before you will be pleasantly surprised by this recipe. You only get the sweet parts of the papaya and it's very refreshing and satisfying. This has been one of the most popular healthy ice cream recipes on our blog and for good reason.

a bowl with easy vegan homemade papaya ice cream

These are just a few of our homemade healthy ice cream recipes. All the ones found on this page are vegan and dairy-free. You don't have to feel overwhelmed when making these ice creams. They are simple and easy to make.

Visit each individual page and get a step by step tutorial on how to create these ice cream artworks. It's time to have healthy desserts that you don't have to feel guilty about.

Hopefully, you and your family will benefit from these recipes soon.


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